Nutritional value


Snails – it is an exquisite delicacy for connoisseurs from all over the world. Their culinary and nutritional value is increasingly appreciated, because they concentrate a lot of nutrients, minerals, essential amino acids, useful fatty acids, have low caloric content, a powerful aphrodisiac. There is no cholesterol in snails. Snail meat invigorates better than coffee and improves bowel function. Recent studies show, that snail meat is one of the positive factors in the diet of the Mediterranean diet.

Chemical composition of frozen snail meat :

Moisture, % 77,8

Dry matter, % from which: 22,2

-white 9,2

-fat 0,6

-carbohydrates 11,3

-ash 1,1

Energy value, in:kcal / 100 g 87,4 kJ / 100 g 365,8


Snails in cooking

Fried snail shells have been found in many archaeological excavations. This shows, that snails have been eaten since prehistoric times.

The origins of helicopter originated in the Tarquinia region of Italy. Roman snails were first grown there (вид Snail romana). The technology was described by Quintus Fulvius Lippinus 49 p. BC. is.), later some nuances of snail breeding were mentioned by the famous Roman scientist-encyclopedist and writer Mark Terence Varron in his treatise "On Agriculture". Varron described, that ancient people built special fences near their homes and fed snails spelled and aromatic herbs. In the works of Pliny the Elder it is indicated, that the Romans considered escargo an elite food and selected the best snails for further reproduction. Historian described the first "snail garden", where different species of these mollusks were bred in separate sections.

In some countries, snails are widely used in local cuisine. Holiday tables are decorated with snail dishes. Among other delicious and popular dishes – snails in their shells, seasoned with hot butter, garlic, onions, parsley and other herbs, – one of the most famous delicacies and recognized culinary business cards of France.

Since the beginning of the boom in the consumption of organic products in Europe, picky consumers began to think about it more often, what they make their favorite dish. Consequently – there is a demand for snails.