I want to introduce you to our new residents- it's a quail:

Texas broiler



English is black

Texas quail

is a meat breed with high productivity. Its weight is one of the largest of all varieties of this species.
Quail meat of this breed is dietary, tender and tasty.


Golden Phoenix is ​​a French broiler branch of Manchurian quail. Breed description The golden phoenix with the Manchurian phoenix shares a beautiful light yellow plumage, under certain lighting it gives the impression of gold, but the phoenix weighs 400g and is a broiler breed. As with any broiler breed of birds, the golden phoenix has a fleshy chest and powerful paws.


Pharaoh looks very similar to quail, which can be found in the wild. The plumage of birds is mostly brown with numerous black and white spots. The constitution of birds is dense, landing, the wings are tightly pressed to the torso.
Birds have high-quality meat with a low cholesterol content, it is recommended by nutritionists.

English black quail.

In England, as a result of mutation of Japanese quails, a black breed of quail was bred. They were brought to the territory of the former Union from Hungary. Quails are distinguished by their decorativeness, their plumage has various shades of brown and black. Quail's eyes are golden, beak and paws are black. Black quail meat has a dark shade, sometimes called "black".
According to productive qualities, English black quails belong to the meat-egg group.