Breeding method

Our farm uses the breeding method from the breeding stock (beginning of reproduction from February to March), in field (from May to October).

The snail farm consists of a room for the uterine herd and an incubator, where the necessary conditions for growing mollusks are maintained. There should also be a field for feeding snails and a greenhouse for keeping small snails in the spring.

In the room for the uterus we have special racks made of wood.

Favorable conditions must be created for snails. To keep the uterus, we provide a mild climate with a temperature in the room 15-25 ° C and high humidity (from 75% to 95%).

Mollusks need to be provided with dense vegetation and watering. Usually on a plot of land near the farm, in the spring we sow rape. For watering we use a well with clear water, because it will also affect the health of snails, and the taste of their meat.

Wooden shields are needed to shelter and fatten snails - it is under them that snails hide in the heat. During these days we pour special food on these boards.

We provide the following services to our clients: delivery of live edible snails Helix aspersa Muller (in a state of anabiosis), and we can consider the supply of finished products in frozen form. Also ready to present snails at any time convenient for you.

In the context of food safety and traceability of products, growing snails makes it possible to perfectly control the origin of animals and the quality of food consumed (plants, cereals, additives). in addition, snails are placed on the plots (without soil contamination), which is an important element.